Atma Jaya


Assessment on Monitoring Mechanism to Stop Employment of Children as Domestic Workers and Protection of Older Child Domestic Workers

Peneletian Kerjasama PKPM Unika Atma Jaya dengan ILO IPEC

Peneliti Lamtiur H. Tampubolon, Ph. D. dan George Martin Sirait, M. A.

This Assessment is one of the ILO-IPEC efforts to response to the lack of inspections of the workplace by the law enforcers regarding employment of children less than 15 years as domestic workers. As we know that domestic workers are normally not the local inhabitants in the localities. However, their livings in the employer’s house are not registered in the RT (Rukun Tetangga). RT is the first door in the process of inhabitants’ registration. Requiring employers to register and inform the basic data of their domestic workers to the RTs will provide a tool for RTs to further monitor the situation of domestic workers in their areas. ILO-IPEC in collaboration with CSDS/PKPM Unika Atma Jaya carried out an assessment in Jadetabek (Jakarta Depok Tangerang Bekasi). PKPM Unika Atma Jaya research team herewith wishes to thank the followings:

  • ILO-IPEC team
  • International NGOs such as Unicef and Care Indonesia
  • Local NGOs, such as YKAI (Yayasan Kesejahteraan Anak Indonesia, Rumpun Gema Perempuan, Bina Mitra Sejati (BMS), Imadei, dan Jala PRT.
  • Pak Laurent Sinaga and AKBP Fatima.
  • Staff of PPT at RS Polri Kramat Jati
  • RT and RW heads in Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok and Central and West Jakarta
  • Community Organizations (PKK and Karang Taruna) in Central Jakarta
  • Employers of child domestic workers in Jadetabek
  • Child domestic workers in Jadetabek
We also thank Inka Oktora and the PKPM staffs (Whidi and Ismu) who helped the Research Team during our field research in Jadetabek. The report is intended to provide recommendations on models for inspection and monitoring domestic workers. It is hoped tha the recommended models will be discussed further in a workshop for feedbacks before they are piloted. Therefore, any comments for improvement of this report are very welcome.
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