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READING AND LIBRARY PROGRAM Community Development Program in Fakfak Regency and Teluk Bintuni Regency, West Papua Province

Referring to the meager condition of the educational sector in WestPapuaProvince, a program so-called “The Reading and Library Program” is initiated by GOKPL. The Reading and Library Program is part of GOKPL community development responsiveness to the local community needs in the area of GOKPL’s operation. The program is designed to be implemented in elementary schools located in 4 (four) regionally selected villages in Teluk Bintuni Regency and Fakfak Regency of WestPapuaProvince. The objectives of this program are as follows:


  1. To improve reading and library habits for elementary schools students in the area.
  2. To provide and deliver books to selected schools in the area.
  3. To provide and deliver bookshelves facility to the schools for books as refers to point 2 above.
  4. To provide Manual for Managing School Library for each school.
  5. To evaluate and provide further recommendation for the educational institutions quality and needs in the area.


Five elementary schools located in two villages in Fakfak Regency, i.e.:  Tomage and Bomberay and in two villages in Teluk Bintuni Regency, i.e.:  Tofoi and Agoda are selected for program implementation, since these areas are directly impacted to the current activities of GOKPL’s operation. The following are the selected elementary schools for program implementation:


  1. Public Elementary School in Tofoi  (SD Negeri Tofoi)
  2. YPPK Elementary in Tofoi (SD YPPK Tofoi)
  3. Public Elementary School in Agoda  (SD Negeri Agoda)
  4. Public Elementray School in Tomage  (SD YPPK Tomage)
  5. Public Elementary School in Bomberay (SD Negeri Bomberay)
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