Atma Jaya


Social Baseline Survey : Exploration Site of Pt. Sorikmas Miningin-Mandailing Natal

Penelitian Kerjasama PKPM Unika Atma Jaya dengan Golder  Assosiates Peneliti George Martin Sirait, M. A.


Scope of Work

This study is a social baseline which will provide important and relevant data on social aspects of the local communities directly affected by exploration/planned exploitation activities of PT. Sorikmas Mining. It will primarily explore socio-cultural and socio-economic dimensions of the local population. The study is located in Mandailing Natal Regency (North Sumatera). Eight major villages will be surveyed which includes:

  1. Muara Angkola
  2. Hutagodang Muda
  3. Tanjung Sialang
  4. Banua Rakyat
  5. Tambiski
  6. Humbang
  7. Tarutung Panjang
  8. Tanggabosi


An executive report which consists of desciptive information about social aspects within the villages affected. This report will be integrated in the full AMDAL report Golder Associates will produce.



This study will collect both secondary and primary data. In addition to published information (BPS, mass media, internet), specific secondary data will be gathered in the field (village office, puskesmas). In the meantime primary data will be gained through key informant interviews at village level. It is estimated 3-5 informants per village will be visited. They include local community leaders, such as village head, tribal leader, religious leader, and other influential person in the village. In addition to interview, the researchers will observe any relevant facilities established in the place and the real situation of the local residents.  In regard to fieldwork activities, the social team will need assistance from Golder’s Fieldwork Manager (Mr. Novianto Hadisuwito) and Government Relations/CLO staff of PT. Sorikmas. The assistance is particularly for travel guide, identification of key informants, and any formal permission that might be asked by local people.

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