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Summer School Annecy: Intensive Program of French Language


"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart."
-Nelson Mandela


Although most of us may learn one foreign language since elementary school, it may not be enough in today’s world. Having the ability to speak second foreign language may prove to be useful in life and job. As such, French language is recommended for you to learn on. Being the second only language spoken on all five continents along with education, job and cultural potential, French is the right choice to broaden your horizon.


If you wish to learn French but don’t know where to do it, the timing is just right! French Language and Culture Institute (ILCF Lyon) open a chance for you to join the Summer School Annecy for their intensive program of French Language. In this program, there will be levels of learning, from Beginner to Advance (B1-B2). The skills honed in this program including written and oral comprehension, written and oral production, cultural activities, and entertainment. With qualified teachers , innovative way of teaching, various types of educational material, and an accomodation for students to join the program from Annecy Campus, Summer School Annecy is an ideal place to start learning French. The program will start on July 4th until July 22nd 2022 for around € 2990 Euros.


For more information, you can contact ILCF by email in or with phone +33(0)4 72 32 50 53

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