Atma Jaya


Keikutsertaan mahasiswa fakultas psikologi Universitas Indonesia dalam penelitian payung sebagai strategi self management untuk menyelesaikan skripsi
Penulis/Peneliti : Ignatius Darma Juwono, Bagus Takwin (


Bidang Penelitian : Psikologi


Jurnal : Manasa


Volume : 1, Nomor 2


Tahun : Desember 2007

The purpose of the study is to check if there exists difference in self-management process of undergraduate students in writing their theses. It is assumed that students engaged in a topic research coordinated by faculty member(s) could benefit those who conduct individual topic research due to collaborative process involved. Few examples of the benefit are reduced the stress level related to theses writing, time needed to find out resources due to shared topics with other students. This, in return, will come up in the form of better quality of the theses, as reflected in the score, and higher satisfaction of the writer.
Participants of the current study are 50 students and alumni of Faculty of Psychology (University of Indonesia). An analysis using Mann-Whitney Test of a questionnaire of 36 Likert-like items measuring self-management shows that no difference exists in the overall self-management process between the groups. Similar results were found in further analysis regarding the quality of theses time required to finish the theses.
Although this study fails to find the difference of self-management in the intended context, the application of self-management in our daily settings are worthy. We are able know ourselves better using this approach to attain any goals we are striving.

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