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Gambaran Stres Dan Coping Pada Anak Yang Memiliki Saudara Kandung Penderita Autisme
Penulis/Peneliti : Ni Putu Wiriani & Wieka Dyah Partasari


Bidang Penelitian : Psychology - sibling of autistic child


Jurnal : Manasa


Volume : Volume 2, Nomor 2


Tahun : Desember 2008

The number of autistic child has increased so fast in this last decade. Therefore, there are more children who live their life as a sibling of autistic child in their family. This fact brings worry about how the siblings of autistic child will react towards the stressors which caused by their daily environment. As a sibling of an autistic child, the child is facing 3 stressful situations, which are the situations of his parents, his autistic siblings, and his peer group.
As the effects of his reaction of stress, sibling of autistic child will shown coping mechanism. There are 4 types of copings which already been classified for the siblings of child with the special needs. The coping types are parentified child type, withdrawn child type, acting-out child type, and superachieving child type.
Based from the interview with the participants, there is no sign of stress reaction which can be found in siblings of autistic child. But two out of three participants showed the characteristics of coping behaviors. This findings pointed out that actually the sibling of autistic child had have stress reaction, but the stress has already been healed with their coping mechanism. In the end of this investigation, the writers conclude that the absence of stress reaction in siblings of autistic child is highly influenced by how their parents treated them.

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