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The Effect Of Short Period FIFA 11 Training As An Injury Prevention Program In Youth Futsal Players

Authors: Muhammad Ikhwan Zein, Jull Kurniarobbi, Nawanto Agung Prastowo, Inarota Laily Mukti

Publication date : 10-02-2017

International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health

Volume: 4(2), 200-203





The  purpose  of  this  study  is  to  determine  the  effectiveness  of short  period  FIFA  11+  training  in improving physical fitness components affecting injury risks among youth futsal players. This experimental study recruited two groups of youth futsal players by doing purposive/judgmental sampling to  two  high  school futsal teams in  Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  The subjects were high  school students participating in the school futsal team. From the total of 28 subjects (15 subjects in the experiment group and 13 in control group), 8 subjects dropped out, leaving 9 subjects in the experiment group and 11 in the control group for the final analysis. The experiment (EXP) group underwent FIFA 11+ training twice per week for four weeks while the control (CON) group underwent routine futsal training. Both groups performed physical fitness tests before and after the intervention. Changes in performance (pre- vs. post- intervention) for each group were analyzed using dependent t-test (p<.05). Changes in performance between the two groups were compared using independent t-test (p<.05). Core strength (evaluated using plank test), leg power (vertical jump test) and agility (Illinois agility test) were the fitness components tested. Result of the study showed that core strength (p=.007) and agility (p=.01) of the EXP group increased significantly, while no change were observed in the CON group. The increase of agility in EXP group was found to be significantly different compared to the one in CON group (p=.039). A 4-week FIFA 11+ training can improve certain physical fitness components that contribute in preventing injury. Thus it is recommended to add FIFA 11+ to the routine futsal training as an injury prevention program.


Keywords: FIFA 11+, futsal, injury, physical fitness, prevention


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