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ADR in The Technology, Media and Telecomunications (TMT) Sectors




ADR in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Sectors

FACT: TMT encompasses a wide range of products and services across a broad range of sectors and the demand for specialized ADR professionals to deal with TMT disputes has skyrocketed in recent years. TMT-related innova- tions as well as according transactions are rapidly growing in number and complexity.

Truth be told, lives will change. To  name  but  a  few  pertinent  trends,  experts  expect  millions  of  5G  handphones  and modems to be sold in the coming years; arti?cial intelligence is expected to make millions of jobs, including in the legal ?eld, to become redundant; e-sports is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, which reaches three digit million viewers for the most important competitions.

Because of a myriad of aspects to consider in TMT projects, often including their international dimension and size, the spend and dependency on technology, and number of stakeholders involved, many complex questions arise. In line with the increased complexity, managing legal and business relationships requires speci?c knowl- edge, especially when deals go wrong, partnerships turn sour, and plans are foiled.

TMT disputes already occur around the world, and they are often massive. According to a survey by Queen Mary University of London in 2016, more than a third of all participants said that they had been involved in at least one dispute valued in excess of USD100 million. It is possible to identify common areas of TMT disputes – IP, licensing, and IT infrastructure and service. However, no ‘one-size-?ts-all’ solution can exist in this complex ?eld. Hence, the use of variegated ADR approaches is necessary—especially enhanced, streamlined, and customized combinations  of mediation and arbitration.

Are you a business owner, a member of in-house counsel team, a private attorney, a government o?cial,

an international arbitrator/mediator, or a professional involved with:

  • Software, IT security, cloud computing, data protection and privacy
  • Trademark, copyrights, patents, registered designs and models
  • Trade secrets, IP, and know-how
  • Internet-related matters, domain names, cybersquatting

If so, our seminar is ideal for you! At BIAMC, we merge practical, comprehensive curriculum with unparalleled instruction from top foreign and domestic experts currently working within TMT dispute resolutions.


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01.30 pm

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02.00 pm


02.20 pm

Introduction by Professional Development Director



TMT Dispute Trends in Indonesia and How to Avoid Them

Janise Sherwin



Mr. Nindito Reksohadiprodjo

03.20 pm

Coffee Break


03.35 pm



04.35 pm

Preparing Yourself to Navigate Though South-East Asia TMT Disputes


Q&A Session

Ms. Eleanor Hughes

05.00 pm

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Registration close on Monday, April 22nd, 2019








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