Atma Jaya


Summer in Taiwan!

Hello everyone! My name is Alvina Hadjai, currently I’m studying in Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia majoring in Business Administration, Class of 2015.


This Summer 2018 I had an opportunity to join a Summer Camp Program in Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) in Taoyuan, Taiwan. This program began on 1st of July – 20th of July, about 3 weeks. The theme for the program was “International Innovation/ Entrepreneur Leadership Experience”. There were 12 students from Atma Jaya University to join this summer camp program, 9 students from Industrial Engineering Department and 3 students from Business Administration Department.


During this program we learned a lot of things as we had a chance to meet people from another country such as from Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, etc. Not only we improved in academic skills, we also learned about social life and life experience as we might not experience before.


We studied in the class for about 7-8 hours per day, and we also need to do a group project as the aim of the camp was to create a new idea about startup. Not only study in class, we also had company visit once a week. After the class, usually I went to the night market near the university with other students, I got a chance to experience what it feels like to live as a local. On the weekend, we had a chance to explore more about Taiwan historical and cultural places.



We also tried some of the local Taiwanese foods, which is really interesting because it is really different from Indonesian foods. Most of the Taiwanese students spent their time in the night market, as you can find a night market in almost every city in Taiwan. There are lot of foods, souvenirs, clothes, games station, and so on in the night market.


I really had a great time during my stay in Taiwan, as people in there were really nice and helpful. The only problem I face during my stay was the language as I don’t speak Chinese language and it was really hard for me to read the Chinese Characters. So I really need help from the Taiwanese students to translate some things for me, and also some people don’t speak English. But other than that it was a great experience for me as I will graduate soon. This program really helps me to broaden my network to people from across the country, and help me to experience what it feels like to be an International student in another country especially in Taiwan.


Special Thanks to all the people who have involved especially to Mr. Ronald Sukwadi, Ph.D, IPM. as the Dean of Engineering Department, Dr. Eko Widodo, SH, S.Sos, M.M. as the Dean of Business Administration and Communication Department, and Dr. Vincentius Rachmadi Parmono, S.T., M.M. as the Head of Business Administration program, so I had the opportunity to join this program.

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