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Report Student Exchange Taiwan - Yansen Halmi Putra

Taiwan, one of the most diverse country in the world was a country parting with china. Being a Chinese descendant, I’ve always dreamt about visiting the place where my ancestor was and Taiwan was a part of it. Southern of China and Taiwan share the same similarities such as using Hokkien as their language, even though they can speak Chinese (with a southern dialect) as well as their Hokkien, they still tend to use their traditional language to communicate with each other.


I have been wanting to study abroad ever since I was little, especially China. But my chances were depleted because my dad passed away and I need to work as well so I gave up my hope to study abroad and study here at Atma Jaya which is one of the best campus in Jakarta area. One day, my senior from Pastoran Atma Jaya (PAJ) rushed to meet me and asked me whether I’m interested in an exchange program or not. Obviously I’m interested but I know that my grades aren’t as high as the criteria so I was kind of worried that I may disappoint my senior about it. Turns out one of my closest friend since my freshmen year also submitted an exchange application to Korea, and she encourages me to just roll with it so I went to do it.


The final moment arrived and I was accepted to be enrolled to CJCU exchange student in Taiwan. I was thrilled and my friends from the faculty and from PAJ all supported me to go there. I know that I can speak Chinese, despite being afraid of the language barrier because of the different accent of Chinese so my Chinese skills aren’t really good for them. Fortunately I also can speak hokkien so most of the people there understood what I was going to say.




Studying in Taiwan


Chang Jung Christian University ----- Overview


CJCU is one of the best universities in southern Taiwan, offering more than 40 different majors and is located in Guiren District, Tainan City, Taiwan. This university has International partnerships with foreign universities, exchange students from abroad, periods of study and internships spent abroad by our students enable them to acquire international and intercultural competencies. It is considered to be at least 5000 students which among them is 2000 international students from all over the world. Cooperating with more than 30 universities worldwide and this university facilitated with over 200 professors.


Courses ---- Overview


The courses provided are easy, even though the fact that Taiwanese can’t speak English, and the courses are supposed to be taught in English but its being taught in Chinese. The courses sometimes do not even match the title like for example the “Professional English Reading” that is one of the courses that I’ve taken during my exchange program in CJCU. The class description is about learning how to read and understand English but the actual learning within the class is how we present a presentation or doing a public speaking using English as a foreign language.


The courses I took are Marketing Management, Cross cultural Business Communication, Strategic Management, Intermediate Chinese 2, Intermediate Chinese 3, English Conversation, Professional English Reading, and Indonesian Language.




 The experience in Taiwan is a new thing for me. There are lots of great things that I learnt and I think that it may be great for Atma Jaya to implement those things.


First of all, the study breaks. During the classes, there are a 10 minute break for each period, for example: Marketing Management has 3 credits which are in 3 different periods (1 period = 50 mins) so when the class starts at 08.10 (1st period) we will have a 10 minute break on 09.00 and resume class on 09.10  (2nd period) and when its 10.00 we will have a 2nd break and resume class on 10.10 (3rd period) until 11.00 which is the end of the class.


Secondly, the tours. During the weekends CJCU offered free tours for all students to explore southern Taiwan. I think that the idea of showing the students about Jakarta and areas near Jakarta is a very good idea. It shows that UAJ does care about the students and it makes the student happy as well as being relieved from the stress of studying.


I really enjoyed my experience from studying to traveling in Taiwan and I also encourage many of my juniors to take part of this great chance. This program really helps me understand diversity practically and know how to be tolerant and it helps me to be independent and handle difficulties by myself and my surroundings. I learnt a lot in Taiwan and I hope that this report can be used as an encouragement for others to try this program. Never be afraid of trying anything new because who knows, you might like it and it’ll be one of the best memories you have your entire life.



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