Atma Jaya


Testimoni mahasiswa MAB Atma Jaya



Wieke Yunita

Director of Insurance


I consider Unika Atma Jaya to be the core foundation of my growth. I completed my bachelors degree in Business Administration (FIA ABI) and now after all receiving many scholarships offers from multiple Universities, I still chose to undergo my MBA program here. 

The reason is simple, Unika Atma Jaya has given me a realistic approach to what is needed in the real world. From their well competent lecturers, to the culture and environment which give us the freedom to explore and a safe place for us to learn.

The key takeaways that I received has driven me to what I can say is the peak of my career. Started as a staff in 2008 and now as VP of Alodokter Indonesia, all in which I achieved through my learnings here in Unika Atmajaya. 

The realistic approach with real case study also helps me to further strengthen my skills in the managerial level. The flexible after hours class time also allows me to learn and still be all fresh for work Monday morning. 




 Ridwan Nugraha
Senior Vice President
Head of Customer Experience

(Member of SMBC Group)



The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia to me is the best fit for any working professional because of the top-notch faculty, strategic location, along with a convenient schedule that made me possible to attend classes while working full-time.

The foundation of most courses is team projects and case studies, which quickly help you fine tune and grow specific skills that can be reapplied to your current career. We are able to ask as many questions as we wish. Visits and seminars by guest professors or top-executive-speakers are well organized on a regular basis – fosters student growth in both personal and professional networks.

I am proud and would highly recommend MBA Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia to any working professional looking to earn an MBA degree, gain lifelong friendships, and seeking a catalyst to take your professional career to entirely new level.



Maria Harliyono

Business Development Manager

EuroCham -

The European Business Chamber

of Commerce in Indonesia 


I was very glad when I was accepted as a student at the Master of Business Administration in Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. I was keen knowing that the program allows students to choose core subject based on each student’s passion (International Business, Entrepreneurship and CSR). Since, I am currently working at the Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia. Here, I am able to understand in practice how SMEs (small medium enterprises) and multinational companies work. I am also able to closely understand of how economics effect businesses. The program selection given at Atma Jaya University compliments my work experience, I am now able to better understand the complexity of how global businesses work and to realize that I have even deeper passion to for studies in International Business.

I believe that the curriculum fully suits my intentions of my professional development. I am determined to make the most of this opportunity and believe that being a student at Atma Jaya Catholic University would not only empower my career development, but would give me the framework to utilize my full potential.




Shirley Budiyani Urijan

Senior Consolidation Accountant

Zuzu Hospitality Group


Bergabung dengan Program Magister Administrasi Bisnis (MAB) Unika Atma Jaya, membuat saya memahami banyak pengetahuan terbaru mengenai perkembangan dunia bisnis dan hal ini benar-benar membantu saya baik secara pribadi maupun profesional.

Saya selalu percaya akan kualitas yang diberikan oleh tim program, dosen tamu, dan fasilitas yang ada. Terima Kasih MAB Unika Atma Jaya karena sudah memberikan inspirasi dan mendukung saya secara positif selama proses pembelajaran!




Yunirwan Gah

National Project Manager

ILO Jakarta


Master of Business Administration programme offered by Atma Jaya University for me is a very good option since I still combine working and studying. It is a way to elevate my professional competencies. The curriculum provided is not only improved my technical knowledge and skills in relevant subjects but also shaped my attitude towards a more sustainable business practice. Friendly professional lecturers are there not only to teach but also to guide and coach the students in becoming a better entrepreneur.

I am proud of becoming one of the students participating in the MBA class. For those who are seeking to enhance your entrepreneurial skills, this programme will be your life changing experience.





Christina Tri Setyaningtyas

InBusiness Control and Business Process Analysis & Planning Head Citi Commercial Bank, Indonesia



Atma Jaya MBA program is designed to equip the students with knowledge and skills to be ready facing the competitive world. The lectures are very passionate for sharing their knowledge and experiences that give us a room in identifying our weaknesses as well as promoting our strengths.

This program sharps my strategic thinking framework and helps me on decision making process.

I am proud of being part of Atma Jaya MBA program.





Tompiner S Naibaho

Manager Power and Gas Dept



I really enjoyed studying in MBA program Atma Jaya University. It has given opportunity to me to learn more about the important skill and knowledge required for today‘s businesses and management. Supported by qualified full time lecturers, occasional visiting speakers from professionals and practitioners, combined with seminars and study visits to other countries, we were taught not only the management skills but also the important of business ethics, cultural awareness and sensitivity and social & environment responsibility for the sustain businesses. This program also has helped to re-sharpen my intellectual and analytical thinking.



Y. Sigit Setyo Noviyanto

Corporate Relationship Manager

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk


Unika Atma Jaya menjadi Universitas tujuan belajar saya, karena  alumnus Pascasarjananya telah tersebar dan berkiprah di berbagai Perusahaan Multinasional dan Internasional.

Saya bangga bisa bergabung dengan Program Magister Administrasi Bisnis Unika Atma Jaya. Proses belajar interaktif, kondusif dan dinamis menjadi salah satu alasan saya masuk di Unika Atma Jaya.




Marketing Promotion & Partnership



Magister Administrasi Bisnis UNIKA Atma Jaya merupakan tempat belajar bisnis yang baik. Saya bersyukur memiliki kesempatan untuk belajar dari dosen - dosen yang berpengalaman dan berkualitas dengan lingkungan belajar yang mendukung saya untuk lebih berkembang lagi di dunia bisnis.



Tyas Hayu Wuri

Relationship Officer

PT. Bank Central Asia, Tbk.


Program MAB Atma Jaya menjawab kebutuhan saya untuk dapat bersaing di era globalisasi saat ini dengan kurikulum pendidikan yang mumpuni, para pengajar yang berkualitas serta lingkungan belajar yang kondusif sehingga membuat kuliah menjadi menyenangkan dan berkesan.




Entrepreneur, Owner and Founder - Wastra Nusantara


Program Magister Administrasi Bisnis (MAB) Unika Atma Jaya menjadi tempat untuk saya dalam mengembangkan pola berfikir, integritas, serta melatihan ketanguhan saya dalam kehidupan ke depan.

Saya berharap dengan bekal yang saya dapatkan dari program Pendidikan bisnis ini, saya dapat menciptakan lapangan kerja bagi masyarakat, demi terwujudnya kesejahteraan sosial yang berguna bagi negara dan masyarakat banyak.

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