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International Webinar Celebrating 61th Anniversary of Atma Jaya Catholic University

As a celebration of the 61st anniversary of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Faculty of Business Administration and Communication Science, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences organizing an international webinar with the theme "Business, Technology, and Sustainability in the Post Pandemic Era." On Wednesday, 16 June 2021, starting from 2 PM (UTC+7)


List of Speakers and Topics

  1. Keynote Speaker: Johnny G. Plate (Minister of Communication and Information, Republic of Indonesia): "The Role of the Ministry of Communication and Information in Business and Technology in the Post-Pandemic Era in Indonesia."
  2. Prof. Dr. Manfred Meyer (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Germany): "The Contributions of ICT in Shaping Internet Business Models in the Post-Pandemic Era."
  3. Hariyanto Gunawan, Ph.D. (Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan ROC): "Digital Transformation and Accelerating Industry Recovery in the Post-Pandemic Era."
  4. Prof. Dr. Jose Eduardo Ochoa Luna (San Pablo Catholic University Peru): "The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Business in the Post-Pandemic Era."
  5. Dr. dr. Veronika M.S., M.Biomed. (Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia): "Incorporating Business, Technology, and Sustainability into Medical Education: Preparing for the Future Health Entrepreneurs"
  6. Suyanto Tjoeng (CEO Anteraja, Member of Triputra Group):  "Technology for More Efficient Logistic."
  7. Danny Natalies (Head of Corporate Information Technology PT. Kalbe Farma):" Technology Role in Post Pandemic Era for Business and Sustainability in Pharmaceutical Industry."

The event will be held online via Zoom.  Alternatively, you can follow from our Youtube channel:

We cordially invite you to join the webinar through this registration link:

We will send the Zoom link through email and WA beforehand.

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