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Visa dan Imigrasi

Immigration Matters


Jakarta Immigration Office

Kantor Imigrasi Kelas I Khusus

Jakarta Selatan

Jl. Warung Buncit Raya No. 207,

Duren Tiga, Pancoran

Jakarta 12760

Tel: 021 79170912, 79170910


As a student on a sponsored visa in Indonesia you are not a tourist. Your visa requires you to give legally binding commitments that you will keep certain standards of conduct. These include:

  • No paid work in Indonesia;
  • Abiding by all Indonesian laws and university regulations;
  • Evidence of adequate financial support;
  • No participation in protests, public demonstrations, political
  • activities;
  • Notification of any change of address.

Possible consequences of breaching these requirements include: deportation, legal prosecution, fines and jail terms. There have been increasing cases of foreigners being fined and/or deported for visa violations.

Drugs and narcotics: Penalties for possession, use or trafficking in illegal drugs are strict and convicted offenders can expect lengthy prison sentences. Raids in Jakarta bars and clubs are common.

For the most part your immigration affairs are managed for you by Atma Jaya University and International Office. But there are a number of key issues that you need to be aware of.


Keeping your Documents


Place your passport and tickets in a safe place in your kos.


 No Paid Work in Indonesia


All activities that include work must be reported to international office. All works are voluntary and cannot be paid.


The VKSB or Social-Cultural Visa


The VSKB visa is valid for 60 days from the date of your arrival in Indonesia ie. your entry stamp (not the date of validity stamped on the actual visa itself). All Jakarta Professional Practicum programs will conclude prior to the 60-day limit. When you leave this visa will be cancelled.

The VKSB can be extended for up to six months but participants may not do this unless they have prior approval for an extended internship period. This is a visa sponsored by Atma Jaya University. Once you have completed the six-week program you are no longer part of an Atma Jaya sponsored program so the university will refuse any requests for extensions. You require letters from Atma Jaya to extend and these will not be issued. If you would like to stay in Indonesia beyond the limits of your VKSB for any purposes after the program has concluded (travel or work), you will have to leave the country (hence cancel your VKSB) and re-enter on the appropriate visa. Many of the rules that govern participation in student exchange programs stem from visa arrangements. Any illegal or disreputable behavior will bring your sponsor into disrepute and entangle them in legal complications. This in turn places the future of all student exchange programs with that sponsor in jeopardy.



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