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BIPA & English Department Student

Exchange Student – Kanda University of International Studies, Japan


Saya suka Atma Jaya karena fasilitas, dosen, teman semuanya bagus. Khususnya, dosennya dekat dengan mahasiswa, jadi saya bisa belajar lebih santai daripada di Jepang. Kalau di Jepang, jauh berbeda dengan di Indonesia. Saya suka sekali berada di kelas Bahasa Indonesia, karena saya bisa belajar dengan teman-teman dari bermacam-macam negara, bukan hanya berteman dengan orang Indonesia saja tetapi dengan teman- teman dari negara lain. Oleh karena itu, saya juga bisa belajar bahasa Inggris dalam kehidupan di Indonesia. Walaupun ada kesulitan dalam kelas dan kehidupan disini, teman-teman selalu membantu saya. Oleh karena itu, saya senang sekali bisa belajar dan hidup di Indonesia. Saya mau mengucapkan terimakasih banyak kepada dosen dan teman-teman yang selalu membantu saya.




Darmasiswa Student



“Unika Atma Jaya adalah kampus yang serius tentang pendidikan. Karena dosen-dosen di sini selalu memotivasi mahasiswanya untuk mengerjakan tugas-tugas.” (Atma Jaya is serious about learning. Because the lecturers here are always motivating students to do our tasks). David who chooses Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia after knowing that Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia is included in the Top 5 Private Universities admits the seriousness of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia in the matter of learning. Besides studying Bahasa Indonesia in PPB (Language Learning Center) Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, David also plays soccer with Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia students, and sometimes they hang out together in the canteen. His love for Indonesia is shown in his will to extend for another year studying Bahasa Indonesia and work in Indonesia. He also wants to learn Bahasa Indonesia even more, especially learning slang words that are commonly used in everyday life.




Franseda Award from Tilburg University


Great experience of research fellowship at Atma Jaya University

Although located in the heart of Jakarta, Atma Jaya University is the right place to study for it is an oasis in the midst ofthe capital city’s crowd. After being awarded Research Fellowship scholarship from Frans Seda Foundation, I was fascinated in coming to Indonesia under the partnership between Tilburg University and Atma Jaya University. The research theme of this joint research was related to social movement and social , in which I found it quite relevant with the current situation in Indonesia’s society.

Firstly, I was introduced to a partner from Faculty of Psychology of Atma Jaya University, Bapak Gatot Tamtama. The research fellowship scholarship itself was aimed at strengthening relation between both mentioned universities in particular and relation between Dutch institution and Indonesian institution in general. The joint-research topic was decided upon the latest issue in Jakarta, relocation project of Ciliwung River’s inhabitants. Due to different academic discipline, Bapak Gatot and I agreed to draw a line, which encloses two perspectives, Psychology and Cultural Studies. Overall, we both managed to collect important data during our fieldworks, although some limitations were found in the process of data collection.

Secondly, by the time I stepped my feet at this green campus; I was impressed by the friendly gesture of almost every university staff. They were so helpful to me and made sure that all the administration process were impeccably done so that I could make the most out from my research fellowship at Atma Jaya University. I should mention that the International Office of Atma Jaya University has given their best to help me out with all the international application process until when I finally got my student card. Moreover, I was honored to be able to meet the Dean of Faculty of Psychology of Atma Jaya University, Ibu Murni, on my first visit. She was so humble, and thanks to her I got my own desk and computer so that I could work on my research there.

Lastly, my sincere thank to my joint-research supervisor, Prof. Bernadette Setiadi who has contributed the most in ensuring that this research fellowship worked out well. She has spared her time in answering all the questions by email even before I arrived in Indonesia. When I got there, I was helped out in terms of content of my research, especially for the interview guidelines.

In sum, doing a research fellowship at Atma Jaya University has given me chance to dig in deeper into my research subject and to exchange knowledge with experts of social psychology. It was also a great opportunity for me to broaden my network with people in the academic fields.


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