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Pelajaran Internasional UAJ

  1. BIPA COURSE (at Atma Jaya Language Learning Center (PPB))

    Bahasa Indonesia for Non-Native Speakers Program (BIPA Program) is designed to train international

    students to actively communicate in both written and spoken Indonesia.



  • BIPA 1: Elementary to Intermediate Level
  • BIPA 2: Intermediate to Advanced Level
  • BIPA 3: Bahasa Indonesia for Specific Purposes
  • BIPA 1 & 2 Programs take four months each program from February to May 4 and from September to December.
  • BIPA 3 Program takes two months from June to July .


    Classes are scheduled five days a week: Monday to Friday, from 10:15-12:15 WIB. The language skills taught

    cover speaking, reading, listening, writing, vocabulary building, and grammar. Additionally BIPA Program

    provides extracurricular activities such as short visits to local areas which are arranged to familiarize students

    with daily life of Indonesian Society.


    Besides BIPA course, Atma Jaya Language Learning Center (PPB) offers courses of various languages of the

    world such as English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, and Indonesian. Our aims are to

    enhance students understanding of those languages, and at the same time to prepare them as a competent

    speaker. All of the programs are open to public.


    PPB Atma Jaya has been dedicated to language teaching for 34 years now. It shows that Atma Jaya Language

    Learning Centre (PPB) is seriously committed to providing excellence and quality in language teaching to the



    BIPA course takes place in Atma Jaya Language Learning Centre (Karol Wojtyla building on the 3th floor)


2. Darmasiswa (

    DARMASISWA is a scholarship program offered to all foreign students from countries which have diplomatic

    relationship with Indonesia to study Bahasa Indonesia, arts, music and crafts. Participants can choose one of

    45 different universities located in different cities in Indonesia. This program is organized by the Ministry of

    National Education (MoNE) in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).


    The DARMASISWA program was started in 1974 as part of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations)

    initiative, admitting only students from ASEAN. However, in 1976 this program was extended to include

    students from other countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, the

    Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and USA. In early 90′s, this program was extended further to include

    all countries which have diplomatic relationship with Indonesia. Until to date, the number of countries

    participating in this program is more than 75 countries.


    The main purpose of the DARMASISWA program is to promote and increase the interest in the language and

    culture of Indonesia among the youth of other countries. It has also been designed to provide stronger

    cultural links and understanding among participating countries.


    Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia is one of among many universities in Indonesia that hold the

    Darmasiswa program. Since 2008, Atma Jaya has accepted more in upcoming academic years. Atma Jaya

    provides some chances for foreign students to learn Bahasa Indonesia, and practice gamelan, a traditional

    Javanese music orchestra regularly in one of Atma Jaya students activities (Karawitan Jawi). They will also be

    accompanied by Atma Jaya students who understand English well. They called as Buddies. The Buddies will

    help them to adapt and explain many things about campus life. They can also join student activities that they

    are interested without considering their Bahasa Indonesia’s proficiency.


    The program also provides foreign students chances to come and join regular classes if their Bahasa

    Indonesia’s proficiency is considered enough to follow the lecturers. There are also some activities out of

    classrooms such as study tour to museums or tourist destinations which will help the foreign students to

    understand Indonesian cultures more.



    Journalism Professional Practicum (JPP) is program cooperation between Indonesia Atma Jaya with the

    Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Studies (ACICIS), which also include English-language

    media in Jakarta and attended by the student / i from carious universities in Australia and New Zealand.

    JPP consists of two main activities, namely training of Indonesian language and general knowedge-political,

    social, economic, and cultural-Indonesia during the first two weeks, organized by Atma Jaya. Then proceed

    with a four-week internship in various media, such as redaction ABC Australia, AFP, Reuters, Australian

    Embasssy, CIFOR, Garuda Magazine, Globe Asia, South East Asia Greenpeace, Green Radio, Jakarta Globe,

    Jakarta Post, News Magazine, Metro TV, Reuters, RRI, Tempo Magazine, and WWF.


    ACICIS (pronounced “Ah-chee-chis” as an Indonesian would) was established as a non-profit organisation in

    1994 to develop and coordinate high-quality, semester-long study programs at Indonesian partner

    universities, for Australian university students. Hosted by Murdoch University, ACICIS includes as members

    most of Australia’s leading institutions in the field of Indonesian studies. National collaboration enables

    ACICIS to draw on expertise across all Australian universities and maximise efficiency in organising

    in-country study. We also provide shorter individually-designed language programs at Universitas Gadjah

    Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, to suit government and business.


    ACICIS has become the largest consortium of its kind in Australia, and we believe the world’s leading provider

    of access for foreigners to study at Indonesian universities. Our students graduate amongst Australia’s best

    speakers of Indonesian. We have developed a range of study options in Indonesia and provide a unique

    support network for students and others who wish to experience living and studying in Indonesia. Past

    ACICIS participants include honours students, TAFE students, Indonesian language teachers, international

    students and private individuals. Two things are certain – firstly, the student’s language ability will improve

    dramatically, and secondly, everyone will have a fantastic experience that they will remember for the rest of

    their lives. ALL ARE WELCOME.


4. Summer Course

    Introducing a unique traditional & culture of Indonesia organized by Atma Jaya International Office

    Watch the video here


5. Dual Degree


6. Exchange Program

    Kanda University of International Studies (Japan)

    Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia and Kanda University wish to develop educational and research

    exchange between Indonesia and Japan on the basis of friendship and international understanding. Both

    universities will foster the existing relations in the sphere of scholarly cooperation and to develop relations on

    the principle of mutual benefit and full reciprocity. Usually Exchange will begin in August and end in July in the

    following year for both KUIS students attending Atma Jaya and Atma Jaya Students attending KUIS 3 (three)

    exchange students in one academic year.


    Teikyo University (Japan)

    The following programs that will be done for this student-exchange between AJCUI and Teikyo University:

  • Exchange of faculty members;
  • Exchange of students;
  • Joint research projects;
  • Joint conferences;
  • Joint cultural programs.


    Wuerzburg University (Germany)

    Wuerzburg Univ. and AJCUI will do their best effort for the following programs planned:

  • Faculty Exchange – semester and yearlong exchanges as well as short term – two or three weeks
  • Student exchange – semester and yearlong study abroad programs as well as short term faculty-led programs
  • Cooperative program development – joint degree programs in specific areas of interest to both parties
  • College to college exchange of faculty in specific areas of interest to both parties
  • Training and study visits – short term non credit professional training program (three to six months) customized in specific area of interest
  • Summer language and culture programs
  • Visiting scholars – weeklong or semester visits that would include academic lecturers, joint research, community talk, classroom presentation, etc.
  • Other projects and programs of mutual interest


Manuel S. Enverga University (Philippines)

Here are the following programs and activities that will be done for the exchange students:

  • Student and/or academic and administrative staff exchanges
  • Joint research activities
  • Exchange of publications, reports, and other academic materials and information which aren’t confidential; and
  • Sharing of other activities and programs in areas of mutual interest, where such sharing shall result in benefit to both parties


... and many other universities like Myonji University, etc.

To find out more, please contact or visit the AJCUI International Office.

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