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Twin Scholarship Programme


Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia — Tilburg University, Netherlands

  1. Framework

The Board of the Frans Seda Foundation has taken the initiative to initiate a Twin Scholarship Programme, aimed at promoting interaction among peers still in study, i.e. twinning Indonesian and Dutch students through short-time joint research projects. Three twin-scholarships will be made available annually to three MA-level research teams, each consisting of one Indonesian and one Dutch student. The scholarship comprises an amount for the costs of travel and insurance as well as a living allowance, enable the students to do a common research project to be completed in a period of six months.


  1. Time frame

As the scholarship programme is open to Master students only, joint studies can only be conducted in the period January – June of each year as the Dutch Master programme has a duration of one year only with the first semester reserved for classes. The programme therefore starts in January with three twin-scholarships of 5 to 6 months, of which part will be conducted in Indonesia and part in The Netherlands. Cooperating universities are Atma Jaya University and University of Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia and Tilburg University in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Time must keep free for writing the outcomes of the joint project.


  1. Three teams

Three Indonesian and three Dutch professors have accepted the invitation to act as thesis supervising lecturers, teaming up with their colleague and selecting each one talented student interested in doing a short and joint master level project.


  1. Status of the participating students

Atma Jaya University and Tilburg University have decided to a Memorandum of Understanding. As a consequence, students involved in exchange programmes enjoy special facilities (for details, see below). The Memorandum of Understanding between the Universitas Indonesia and Tilburg University has expired. Maybe it can simply be prolonged. If not, a solution would be starting an Agreement of Implementation between the Department of Sociology/the Department of Strategic Management of the UI and Tilburg University (or a faculty, school or department, in this case the faculty, school or department to which Herman Beck belongs).


  1. Application for the participating universities

Tilburg University

Tilburg University has developed an online application system. The student has to fill out an online application form and send that in together with all required documents. Application form and further information can be found via

The International Office at Tilburg University will take care for the immigration formalities (visa) and prepare the enrollment. It will also act as a mediator for health insurance to two companies (AON and IPS) and finding living accommodation. The health insurance includes travel insurance and third person liability insurance. The visa includes travel to all Schengen countries among them Germany and Belgium but not the United Kingdom.


Atma Jaya University/Universitas Indonesia

As the issuing of a visa for the Indonesian student coming to Tilburg is an easy and quick procedure, the procedure in Indonesia takes far more time, up to three and sometimes even four months. The University has to apply with the Ministry of Education and Culture which after agreement will be sent a letter to the Department of Immigration of the Ministry of Law. This department will inform the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague. In general, exchange students will receive an extendable visa of 90 days.

The visa application is part of the academic application. Further information as well as the application form can be found by mailing to email address:

Both Atma Jaya University and Universitas Indonesia will be instrumental in finding housing, in both cases off campus.


  1. Climate


Below the average monthly temperature is described as well as the hours of sunshine per month and the days of rain. In wintertime, the temperature can be much lower than the average with days of frost sometimes combined with snowfall. For that period, lasting from January till April, students will need a winter coat, a hat, and gloves. A rainy day does not mean rainfall during the whole day.

January:      average temperature between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius; 2 hours of sunshine and 20 days of rain, sometimes snowfall

February:   average temperature between 0 and 6 degrees Celsius; 3 hours of sunshine and 15 days of rain, sometimes snowfall

March:        average temperature between 2 and 10 degrees Celsius; 5 hours of sunshine and 20 days of rain, sometimes snowfall

April:            average temperature between 4 and 13 degrees Celsius; 5 hours of sunshine and 18 days of rain; snowfall is a rare exception

May:            average temperature between 8 and 18 degrees Celsius; 7 hours of sunshine and 18 days of rain

June:            average temperature between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius; 6 hours of sunshine and 19 days of rain

July:              average temperature between 12 and 22 degrees Celsius; 7 hours of sunshine and 17 days of rain



January:      average temperature between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius; 4 hours of sunshine and 24 days of rain

February:   average temperature between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius; 6 hours of sunshine and 26 days of rain

March:        average temperature between 23 and 32 degrees Celsius; 7 hours of sunshine and 26 days of rain

April:            average temperature between 23 and 33 degrees Celsius; 8 hours of sunshine and 18 days of rain

May:            average temperature between 23 and 33 degrees Celsius; 8 hours of sunshine and 13 days of rain

June:            average temperature between 23 and 32 degrees Celsius; 8 hours of sunshine and 14 days of rain

July:              average temperature between 22 and 33 degrees Celsius; 8 hours of sunshine and 16 days of rain

In the first three months of the year, there is a risk of Dengue. There are no approved vaccines for the dengue virus. People can prevent mosquito bites by wearing clothing that fully covers the skin, and the application of insect repellent (DEET). While there is no malaria in Jakarta, some parts of Indonesia do have it.


  1. Money

The Netherlands is member of the euro, indicated with €. The euro has banknotes of € 5; 10; 20; 50. Students should be aware that banknotes of € 100; 200 and 500 generally will not be accepted when making payments. The coins have the value of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents as well as € 1 and € 2. Coins of 1 and 2 cents are normally not used. Everywhere in the country, ATM-s are available for cash withdrawal.


Indonesia has the roepia as standard, indicated with Rp. The rupiah has banknotes of Rp 1,000; 2,000; 5,000; 10,000; 20,000; 50,000; and 100,000. The coins have the value of 50, 100, 200, 500 en 1000 rupiah.

Conversion Rp 1,000,000 = USD 100 = € 80


  1. Advance money

The exchange students will need advance money for the air fare, insurance and some advance money for initial expenditure. Both countries have a widespread network of ATM where students can withdraw money.


  1. Contact with home

In order to avoid high telecommunication costs students are advised to use skype for their contacts with home and friends.


10. Further information

NUFFIC, the Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education, is providing a lot of information on living and studying in The Netherlands. Please see their English websites and

Also Dutch students looking for information about study in Indonesia find valuable information on websites www.nuffic.nlen




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