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UCAM-UAJ Exchange Program Spring Semester 2019 Student Report by Katharina Reena Luandha

Katharina Reena Luandha : UCAM-UAJ Exchange Program Spring Semester 2019 Student Report


1.      Introduction


University is a stage where it’s believed the person who’s doing it is mature enough to be ready as soon as they can in a real life workplace. Experience is what people actually need to be so packed to fight in the workplace battlefield, companies always seek for people with more experience, they don’t usually do raw. That’s why it’s a magical opportunity for a university to work together with another university from the other side of the world to do mobility program between their students to improve their abilities to grow. Other than the exchange students can experience how education is taught not in their home university, they can also make friends with a lot of people from abroad which is very beneficial to improve social skills with people that has no same mother language as we do then gather in the globally spoken English language. Exchanges can last anywhere from two weeks up to a full year, depends on the program offered. The one that I got to experience is in Murcia City, Spain. Universidad Catolica Antonio de Murcia, shortened UCAM, the same Catholic University as in Indonesia.


2.      Contents


a. Partial Scholarship

The term partial means half and not whole, with this kind of scholarship, I don’t have to pay to UCAM, instead, I just pay the usual amount per semester to my home University then I got automatically enrolled there.


b. Studying In Spain

With the program between UCAM and UAJ, I was very lucky to be able to experience study abroad in Murcia City. The education system taught not similar as it is in Indonesia, also the scoring system is not the kindest a student could ever think of. Though, it has been a blast to experience a half year life there with a lot of amazing people.


c. About the University

UCAM also known as the Universidad Católica de Murcia, is a private university located in Murcia in south-eastern Spain founded in 1996



UCAM don’t have the Communication Studies faculty, but I attended subjects offered in Business Administration and Modern Languages faculty. I took 4 courses which has six ects per course. Here’s the list and a little explanation about it:


      1. Marketing Management which has the same course as Marketing Strategy course in UAJ, taught the students on how marketing works in world nowadays, has a lot to do with technology that is involved to promote one product or service, also tackles the unwanted experiences that might get a company into trouble because of a wrong marketing strategy.
      2. Communication Skills, as in Creative Writing in UAJ. The course has a lot to do with public speaking, presentation, writing script for presentation, self recognition, writing letters, and also writing thesis described. This subject has been very helpful to the other subjects as every single subject taught includes a lot of presentation and making papers.
      3. Intercultural Communication & Mediation which is Media, Politic, and Public in UAJ. The course is all about real life mediation, how to interact with unwritten norms through media, how diplomacy has a lot to do with media that most of the times are planned very carefuly until it get to public.
      4. International and Intercultural Communication, has the same subject as Communication Research. It’s mostly about diplomacy research and the concerns of the cases that hasn’t been tackled very seriously by the UN such as refugees and war countries


d.Culture and Lifestyle



Located in Guadalupe, Murcia City, which is not a very big city itself, feels a lot like home. The ambience is very calm with a lot of university students because there is two big university in Murcia, they were seen to be strolling around the city taking public transportations. The city is not crowded at all. Throughout my stay, I stayed in the heart of the city, the building is called Plaza Circular, I rented it with another 3 people (1 Dutch, 1 French, and 1 Spanish). The place was very strategic as it’s close to anywhere and it’s also close to public transportations. Though, it’s 30 minutes with bus or tram to the university, or 15 minutes by car. The main Cathedral church where I go to every Sunday is also located very close from the place I rented, just five minutes walk.



Paella, Chorizo, & Cerveza! Though most of the times I go out to Goiko Grill which is a burger place, but those very Spanish foods are tempting. The cost to eat out is not very expensive as other big cities in Spain, and it can be very cheap too if one wants to just cook at home.



Probably this is what most people expect so much while study abroad, travel, why not travel why you’re in Europe already. During easter break and weekends, I have traveled to Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Morocco, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, and some cities in Spain.


3. Conclusion


It has been so much fun with a lot of memorable experiences, so whether you get the funded scholarship or not, it’s better to just go. It’s worth every penny you spent to get there. The chance to meet foreigners with such a different culture is irreplaceable, take it as a once in a lifetime opportunity one will never forget. A very good chance to make connections from people all around the globe, broadens your horizon, new perspectives, ideas, and way of thinking. Something you can never get in a box.


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