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Workshop Using Reading to Foster 4Cs

English Education Dept of UNIKA Atma Jaya. in collaboration with Global Books, held a workshop, titled "Using Reading to Foster the 4Cs in English Lessons", on Saturday, November 2, 2019. The workshop was attended by English teachers, English teaching practicioners, lecturers and also student teachers from Jabodetabek.

The workshop, which was delivered Mr. Yuta Otake, M.TESOL., focused on the 4Cs, which stands for Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and problem solving, and Creativity and innovation. 4Cs is one of the four elements which must occur in a lesson plan according to the National Curriculum 2013.

As pointed out by Yuta, although the concept of 4Cs itself is pretty straightforward, the challenge is always in a matter of how to incoporate it into activities for teaching English. In the workshop, the participants were shown several instances of classroom activities containing the element of 4Cs. They were also given the chance to practice creating their own 4Cs incorporated classroom activity. Four groups won Reading Explorer textbooks from Global Books.

In addition to attending the 4Cs Workshop, the participants also got the opportunity to join one of the three one-hour-sharing sessions from the lecturers of English Education Dept, which was held before the workshop. 

Thank you for the fun and inspiring talk, Yuta! And to all participants, thank you so much for attending the workshop and sharing your ideas. We also would like to express our appreciatation to Global Books for their support to this event. 

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