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Daftar Penelitian CFRD

A. Ongoing Research


1.The impact of COVID on generations X, Y, and Z

PIC: Dr. Yohana Ratrin Hestyanti, Psikolog


2. Development of mobile application RehApp on dementia :

PIC: Dr. Weny Pandia, Psikolog

Collaboration with: University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) and Enablement Ltd.



PIC: Penny Handayani, M.Psi, Psikolog 

Collaboration with: Sayap Ibu, LAP, Hellen Keller International


4.Rapid Assessment of the Impact of COVID on LAP mother-child dyads

PIC: Prof. Irwanto and Evi Sukmaningrum, Ph.D


5.Intergenerational Transmission of Memories of 1998 among Chinese-Indonesians

PIC: Stefani Nugroho, PhD.

Funded by: Society for Medical Anthropological Research and Theory


6.Rapid Assesment in the socio-cultural construction of Pasung in NTT Indonesia

PIC: Prof. Irwanto


7. Changes and Adaptation of Students in the Face of the Pandemic: Stress, Coping, and Resilience of Individuals and Family

PIC:  Dr. Yohana Ratrin Hestyanti, Psikolog

Funded by: APTIK



B. Past research

  • Child rights situational analysis of the waste supply chain in north Jakarta landfills/collection areas with Save the Children & FORTUM.


  • Child rights situational analysis in North, South, and East Jakarta withSave the Children.


  • Situation analysis of children and families working in the recyclables supply chain in Bantar Gebang Landfills/collection areas with Save the Children & FORTUM.


  • Coaching for Life Baseline Study in North, South and East Jakarta, with Save the children.



  • Perspective and aspirations of adolescent girls on child marriage.


  • Healing the Soul of the Nation: Opening social spaces to address intergenerational legacies of mass violence as a contribution topsychosocial wellbeing and peaceful inclusive communities in Indonesia and beyond. In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam and University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht. Funded by the Dutch Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).


  • Watch Me Grow: Milestone for Autistic Children. In collaboration with the Universit of New South Wales
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